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Abstract Paint


Children, Educational, Fiction Cover Art, Spirituality



AG is an Illustrator and Graphic designer from Nigeria. Her quirky yet compelling pieces

demonstrate her ability to experiment with different materials and mediums. Regardless of

form and function a recurring theme is evident in her work, a strong sense of Africanism and

womanhood. She draws inspiration from her life and experiences, living and working as a

female artist in a cultural, political and religious diverse society. She especially likes to work

in the spur of the moment with any surface she is presented with, that is why she is never

without a pencil, a pen or a marker.

Work Process

My style is usually presented in exaggerated cartoon-like human form, sometimes

accompanied with hand drawn texts with bold colours and strong outlines. I have two ways I

approach my work. Sometimes I use these methods separately, other times they intertwine.

First, I approach my blank canvas with no preconceived idea of what I am going to do. I

choose at random the medium and I jump right in, putting my trust in my ability to create

without overthinking. The second is methodological. Research, form and style before


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