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Abstract Paint


Educational, Fairytale



Cassiopeia is an artist from Nigeria whose creative journey took flight in 2019 when she chose to follow her passion rather than the conventional path. Cassiopeia's art is a fusion of African art, history, and mythology, breathing new life into ancient tales and crafting fresh narratives for contemporary audiences. Her unique style is enriched by her love for anime, Harry Potter, and the world of sci-fi and fantasy, which subtly influences her work.

Work Process

As for her art-making process, Cassiopeia begins by immersing herself in each project, meticulously researching and gathering references. With a clear vision, she skillfully brings her ideas to life,  refining her work with precise inking and a vivid palette of colors. Collaboration with clients is a cornerstone of her process, ensuring the final artwork aligns perfectly with their vision. In the end, Cassiopeia's art is a captivating journey, inviting viewers to explore new horizons with every stroke of her digital pen. 🌟

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