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Claire D.

Abstract Paint


Fiction Cover Art, Fiction, Fantasy, Children, Picture Book, Diversity & Inclusion



Born in Lusaka, Zambia and raised by a Congolese mother, Claire takes inspiration from both cultural backgrounds, influencing most of her African contemporary art. She vividly remembers her interest in art growing at roughly the ages 7 - 10, when her mother’s BORING newspaper had at the very least an intriguing episode of Garfield, comical caricatures of politics she did not fathom and attached a copy of Supa Strikas. *Cue shriek of excitement*

Claire’s art style targets vast genres, from fictional fantasy, pre-grade to contemporary/traditional art.

When’s Claire’s not drawing, she’s reading/watching anything horrific and balancing it with a wholesome cartoon, afterwards.

Work Process

Squirming with excitement once an idea presents itself, I sit and sketch.

I struggle with a bits and bobs but finally get the hang of it and once again I’m at peace, sketching like 5 year old purposely distracted by crayons.

My inspiration ranges from seemingly mundane occurrences to extraordinary occurrences. My use of colour in most of my pieces relights a childlike joy, nostalgic for the colourful moments of my youth.

It further expresses the passion and yearning I have as an artist and primarily an individual who continues to grow and longs to learn from others and hopes to teach and guide generations to come.

Being skilled in using several different mediums and art forms such as traditional painting, use of pastels, photography, among other things, inspires my digital artwork further pushing me to achieve similar looks.

Once completed, the satisfaction arises from realising that I’m capable of creating the work I admired as a child and hopeful that I shall inspire others to aspire to their dreams.

I live to create and I’m fervent in helping others tell a story.

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