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Abstract Paint


Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Children, Fiction, Non Fiction, History, Sci-Fi, Vector, Book Covers, Fiction Cover Art, People



Richard is an illustrator and visual designer based in Nigeria with a love for animation and comics. Skilled in digital art, Richard crafts stunning illustrations mostly inspired by Afrofuturism. Richard also excels in visual design, creating compelling branding solutions for clients. He constantly seeks inspiration and gives back to the community through workshops and mentorship programs. His work has gained widespread recognition and he hopes to continually inspire audiences worldwide.

Work Process

My illustration process is a creative adventure that starts with thorough research and understanding the project's goals, I usually browse through Pinterest, go through books and any necessary material in order to have the right ideas to bring concepts to life.

I sketch out ideas and refine the best concepts, experimenting with different techniques and styles.

Sometimes, collaboration and feedback help enhance the final product.

I carefully choose colors and composition to evoke emotions and guide the viewer. Adding intricate details and textures brings the illustration to life. After finalizing the artwork, I deliver it with pride, aiming to create impactful visuals that resonate with the audience and convey the intended message.

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