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Abstract Paint


Fiction Cover Art, Fantasy, Book Covers, Sci-Fi, Non Fiction, History



Wasonga is an Illustrator and Comic Book Creator from Nairobi. He was drawn into the comics’ sphere by superhero cartoons and media as a child when he began trying his own hand at illustrations and comic books. Wasonga’s illustrations are aesthetically organic, centred on fantasy, mythology and Afro-culture, inspired by both Western and Eastern pop culture to create a unique yet familiar style. When not illustrating, Wasonga can be found browsing bookstore shelves, at the cinema, cycling in forest parks, or otherwise partaking in some local tourism.

Work Processes

  1. Mixed Media approach

Traditional approach to illustration with digital colouring. Starting with rough sketches in pencil on paper while deciding framing and perspective. Followed by a final more detailed pencil sketch. Then inking and shading are done with suitable inks and pens. The final piece is then scanned to PC. Cleaning up and Colour then follow which are done in Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Digital approach

Rough sketch done on paper and scanned to PC. Inking and Colours done in Adobe Photoshop guided by the sketch to get final piece.

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