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Abstract Paint


Picture Book, Children, Young Children, Early Readers, Comics, Book Covers



AB is a multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator, comic and concept artist, with a passion for creating captivating and imaginative works of art.

He Pursued a degree in Fine Arts from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. His works span a wide range of styles and he mostly work digitally, from intricate pen and ink drawings to bold and colorful digital illustrations. He has created artworks for a variety of clients, companies and publishers.

In addition to commercial work, AB is also a talented comic and concept artist. His comic work often features complex characters and intricate storylines, while His concept art transports viewers to fantastical worlds filled with breathtaking themes.

AB is constantly pushing himself to experiment with new techniques and styles, always striving to improve His work and create something truly unique all the time.

Work Process

My journey as an illustrator is like an adventure filled with inspiration and creativity. It starts with getting ideas from everyday life or happenings or a thought, mixing classic and modern influences. First, I doodle and sketch freely, letting the artwork take shape. Then, I carefully add colors and choose the right tools. Each artwork is a way to show my dedication and tell a visual story with a mix of passion and skill. It's not just about finishing, but enjoying the journey of turning ideas into art.

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