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Africa Brilliance

Abstract Paint


Fairytale, Educational, Children, Young adult, Early readers, Young Children



Africa Brilliance is a painter, portraitist, and illustrator.  Nicknamed Picasso during his childhood, his talent earned him several  trophies from inter-school drawing competitions. He grew and ambition and  talent grew with him. His passion for art saw him become a professional illustrator with several works to his name. He has also published books and his writings appear in several international anthologies. 

Work process 

As a children's book illustrator, my work process includes several essential steps to bring stories to life through illustrations. Here is how I proceed: Understanding the story: I start by carefully reading the text of the  children's book in order to fully understand the story, the characters and the  emotions it conveys. I also try to put myself in the shoes of the author. This  allows me to capture the essence of the story and identify the key moments to  illustrate. 

research and inspiration: 

After capturing the story, I engage in a phase  of research and inspiration. I gather visual references, explore different artistic styles and immerse myself in the world of books. This step allows me to feed my creativity and find original ideas for the illustrations. Preliminary sketches: Once I have gathered enough inspiration, I move on to creating preliminary sketches. I draw several quick sketches to explore  different compositions, angles of view and character expressions. This allows me  to visualize and refine my ideas before moving on to the next step. 

Creation of the final illustrations: 

Once the preliminary sketches have  been approved, I move on to creating the final illustrations. I use various artistic  mediums such as watercolor, ink, pencil or digital paint, depending on the style  desired and the requirements of the project. I make sure to bring the characters to  life, create enchanting settings and convey the emotions of the story through my  illustrations. 

Collaboration with author/editor: 

Throughout the process, I collaborate  closely with the author or editor to ensure that my illustrations match their vision  and support the story. I make adjustments where necessary and make sure that the illustrations blend harmoniously with the text. 

Finalization and delivery: 

Once all artwork is complete and approved, I  proceed to finalize it, adjusting colors, adding final details and preparing it for printing. I then deliver the illustrations in the required formats, ready to be integrated into the book. My main goal is to capture the essence of the story through my  illustrations, to spark the imagination of young readers and to create an emotional  connection with them through visual art

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