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Abstract Paint


Book Covers, Children, Early Readers, Fiction, Fairytale



Asura is an illustrator and concept artist based in Uganda. He started drawing at a very early age usually cars and superheroes seen on television during his childhood. He was inspired by his elder brother who is also an artist when he was growing up and this became a very big part of his life. Asura's illustrations and concepts mainly revolve around the African urban and traditional aesthetic. When Asura is not drawing, he is playing basketball, watching anime or reading manhwa.

Work Process

When I receive a brief from a client, I first read through and understand and also make sure that I ask the client questions where I do not understand. Then I start looking for references with regards to the kind of style I will go with while attempting the work. Usually I go to pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes I show the client in case they have something else in mind. I then create a concept art of what the artwork will look like and show the client. What comes next is the sketches of the images which will be shown to the client for corrections and feedback. The sketches are very rough and are done digitally using either photoshop or clip studio. After the client has approved of the sketches I then go ahead and produce the final line art which sometimes I do not show the client because of the concept art I showed them in the beginning. And the after that I colour using photoshop or clip studio paint and then deliver the work to the client in the preferred format.

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