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Abstract Paint


Charcoal Drawings, Acrylic paintings



Beta is an artist from the small town of Burgersfort, Limpopo in South Africa. She is based in Cape town, where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Medicine at the University of Cape Town. Like many artists, Beta’s artistic journey began in childhood through drawing, colouring and observing the world around her. Later in life, this curiosity toward creativity would lead her to her discovery of different mediums of fine art, namely: photography; charcoal drawing, acrylic painting and most recently digital illustration. Her work is heavily centred around the human experience, she aims to create honest and vulnerable portrayals of herself and those around her.

Work Process

Storytelling has long been a part of my life in the form of films, photography and music- these influences have heavily informed my artistic practice.

My artworks often begin with an experience, either one I have had myself, or one I have observed. I use these experiences to construct a narrative, around which I begin to conceptualise a body of work. I aim to create a body of work where all pieces communicate with one another to express themes within the story.  In my work, I rely heavily on composition, colour and gestures to best portray the subject’s emotive state and experience. I will find or take photographs that will be used as reference for the composition of the piece, but I will often take creative liberties with the colour palette. I’ve found that the execution of an artwork often involves both intentional planning and a certain degree of letting go.

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