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Blaki Mawatha

Abstract Paint


Children, Young Children, Picture Book, Style - Vector



Blaki Mawatha is a Kenyan digital artist who grew up in a children’s home. He was taught how to draw and colour in children’s home and when he left the children’s home he started creating cartoons and other illustrations such as totem pole mask so that he can share his creation with other children and adults across the world. His inspiration form drawing cartoons comes from childrens book,comics and cartoon movies. He also create colouring books for kids/ adults,skateboard illustrations and illustrations for merchandise.He also loves cycling and listening to music which helps him relax during his free time.

Work Process

“The best moments are the one’s that stick with us for the rest of our lives”. My inspiration for creating digital art mainly cartoons came when I started watching cartoon movies and working on colouring books when I was little. I later moved from traditional art to digital art whereI was so amazed with just how much I could do with just a laptop.  

My source of inspiration is mainly pinterest and sometimes I use my imagination and create anything based on what I feel to create. I then take this idea and try find refrences in pinterest that might go well with the imaginative idea 

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