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Abstract Paint


Activity, Fiction Cover Art, Sport, People, Picture Book



Ferris is an artist and illustrator based in Nigeria. He started drawing by replicating images from comic books and cartoons he read and saw as a child and has since taken on various courses to improve on his art. His constant sources of inspiration have been books, movies and tv shows (some from his childhood), pop culture and the everyday experience of being human. He has since worked as a freelance illustrator for a variety of clients. Ferris is passionate about telling stories and connecting with people through his art. He believes that art is a powerful tool for education, communication and social change.

Work Process

 Every piece I create starts with an idea or in the case of a commission, a brief. I put down some very rough sketches to plan out the composition in the form of thumbnails, after which I gather references that I may need from various sources. I then select the composition that I see fit and clean it up. Depending on the style direction I want to go in, I either clean up the sketch and then ink and render in colour or I dive right in to painting.

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