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Grey Nib

Abstract Paint


Book Covers, Children, Early readers, Fiction, Fairytale



Grey Nib is an Illustrator , character designer and Concept Artist based in Kampala , Uganda. At an early age , he picked up interest of drawing from watching he’s elder brother draw pictures of footballers and mainly portraits of movie actors. This spark grew even more, when he managed to draw a picture of Ultra-man and from that point on , was heavily encouraged by his brother to keep on drawing.

Grey Nib’s illustrations and designs revolve around the exploration of African culture and motifs and combining that with inspiration from his environment. When Grey Nib isn't drawing, you can find him spending time with loved ones , playing video games or exploring his environment.


Grey Nib begins with having an interaction with the client , going through the brief , write up or initial ideas given. A good substantial amount of time is spent on questioning , finding out the story of the project?, who is it for?, timeline and scope of the project .

With all of the questions being asked and establishing the timeline for the project, He can begin with the research phase of the production process , where He’ll source inspiration from Pinterest , books , and sometimes going out and taking pictures from the world around him in regard to the style, costumes , prop and character designs based on the brief given.

After this , He begins on producing sketches of multiples iterations , designs layouts for the project. He then has a first sitting with the client to establishing whether , he is maintaining the spirit of the project .This stage also is one that He puts a lot of emphasis on since it is the foundation of the project and also serves as the planing stage.

After approval , he moves on to the cleaned lines and layout stage of the project where a discussion is also had on the use of the right colors to elicit the right mood that serves the project.

He implements the final revisions notes from the client and then bringing the work for completion still keeping the timeline of the project and then final deliveries are made and submitted.

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