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Kenny G

Abstract Paint


Teenage, Young Adult, Fiction Cover Art, Non-Fiction, People, Book Covers



Kenny G. is a visual artist based in Nairobi, Kenya, his work is centered around real experiences and

emotions, portrayed using bright colors which are reminiscent of his childhood. He draws his inspiration from his daily life and the people around him and uses surreal symbology in his art as he believes there is more to life than what is seen. He believes the true human experience lies within and shows his inner dialogue through the images he creates.

Work Process 

My process begins with an emotion. This determines the message that the piece will portray. Once this is clear, I start to create a mental image of how this will be visually represented and this could take anywhere from an instant to months of constant mental revision. When the foundation for the piece is set, I then sketch and paint in the main character or the background, depending on which idea came first. Many of my backgrounds are inspired by places that I have visited, I’m deeply inspired by the potential that environments that may seem mundane have when it comes to making art. Many times, the artworks gain a life of their own and unexpected twists come to me as I’m working on the piece. The artwork is only ever complete when I feel there’s absolutely nothing more that can be added.

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