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Abstract Paint


Teenage, Young Adult, Picture Book, People, Book Covers



MJ is a passionate 2D Digital Artist and Illustrator hailing from the bustling creativity hub of Lagos, Nigeria. With a heart ablaze for artistic expression, her journey as a digital artist is a mesmerizing dance of colors and imagination.
In every stroke and pixel, MJ pours my soul into creating vibrant, enchanting worlds that breathe life into my artistic vision. The canvas becomes her playground, where she explores the depths of emotions and the beauty of diversity through a kaleidoscope of hues.
Growing up in the vibrant streets of Lagos, MJ draws endless inspiration from the city's rich culture, art, and traditions, infusing her works with the rhythm and energy that resonate with her audience.

Work Process

I always like to start any painting or work with research and ideation, whether its a personal work or a client's work, I use this as an avenue to gather inspiration, knowledge and guidance. Next I go into the ideation sketch where I roughly draw out the concept to get the best composition and then draw out a more defined sketch and finish up with applying color and other elements. 

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