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Abstract Paint


Children, Diversity & Inclusion, Fiction Cover Art, Fiction, Fantasy, Educational, Book Covers, Spirituality, People



Muhibu is an artist born, raised and based in Nairobi, Kenya. His art and design career began with him servicing various signage commissions for all sorts of shops in Nairobi CBD. Years later, this has evolved into an art practice where  he mostly deals with themes around the city of Nairobi, African folk traditions, ancient history and the algorithm. When he is not designing or making art, he is probably watching a movie or hanging out with his friends.

Work Process

As my work largely explores a series of themes I have been thinking about over the years, I often document scraps of ideas into sketches and writings within my journals. For work that has to do with the city of Nairobi, whenever I am walking around the CBD or public spaces, I make a point of capturing images using my phone that are in line with what I aim to investigate, for example signages I come across on shops, matatus and club fliers (their production and presentation). Later on, at my desk, I allow myself to make rough sketches of some of these concepts that I intend to explore which  I scan using my phone and then bring them into Adobe Photoshop through which I begin collaging using a bank of collected texture images over the years. After working on a piece for a number of days, I allow myself to “end” the piece as the work is never really over if I was to continue working

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