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Abstract Paint


Book Covers, Fiction, Fantasy, People, Non Fiction, History



ZiddahArt is an Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, and 2D Character Animator with a  strong passion for art. He has explored various traditional and digital mediums  since a young age. His art journey began at Mawuli School in Ghana, followed by  studies in Commercial Arts and Animation at Takoradi Technical University. He  specializes in Digital Illustration, Children's Book Illustration, and 2D Character  Animation. His work is a fusion of gratitude for his past and excitement for what's to come.

Work Process

My artistic process is a carefully crafted journey that breathes life into each  creation. It begins with delving into client briefs and scripts, extracting the  essence of their vision to develop concepts that resonate. Once the foundation is  set, I transition into the sketching phase, where I use lines and shapes to outline  the artwork's structure. As the concept takes shape, I move to the inking stage, where I precisely create  bold outlines that define the composition. With the framework established, base  coloring follows, infusing the piece with foundational hues that set the tone. But it's in the shading stage that the magic truly happens. Here, each stroke adds  depth, dimension, and emotion to the artwork. Shadows dance and light plays  across the canvas, breathing life into the characters and landscapes. From idea development shading, my process is a symphony of creativity,  technique, and storytelling that culminates in an artwork that not only reflects a  vision but also resonates with the audience on a deeper level

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