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G. Merwe

Abstract Paint


Book Covers, Children, Fiction: Middle Grade, Picture Book



G. Merwe grew up in a suburb called Somerset West, in the heart of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Ever since she could pick up a pencil, she never stopped drawing and making art. Her passion for

illustration grew as she progressed through school and university. G. Merwe studied Visual COmmunication at the University of Stellenbosch and proceeded to earn her Bhons in illustration there. She has worked on multiple projects, in both personal and professional capacities, and honed her skills as an illustrator. Some of her works have been published by Panmacmillan Africa and Penguin Random House Africa division.

Work Process

I always start off with reading and researching the material I am given to illustrate. Then I will

start with initial rough sketches and thumbnails of my ideas and layouts. I will keep my

agent/publisher up to date and request regular feedback, so that we are always aligned with the

project goals. A sample book I illustrated is Bok Who Lost His Spring by Marleen Lammers.

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