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Kigrass Mudee

Abstract Paint


Book Covers, Christmas, Early Readers, Educational, Diversity & Inclusion, Fiction Cover Art, Fantasy, Teenage, Young Adult, People, Humour



Kigrass a Nairobi-based illustrator & author who loves to create warm, vibrant, whimsical &  provocative illustrations across multiple genres. His work strives to communicate to a wide  demographic spectrum from children to teenagers to adults. Kigrass enjoys working with different  mediums and techniques, from digital and traditional painting to digital and traditional collage. He  has learned to value collaborations with other artists or collectives and is ever open to new  challenges and opportunities. 

Work Process

My work starts in either of these two ways. One, in my mind as a funny commentary on my life or;  two, when an image/picture in daily living really impresses on me. In both these cases, the passion is  usually too strong to not try and draw it. I draw on paper, scan the drawing and color it digitally or  do everything digitally, i.e. draw the rough sketch, clean the sketch, draw the outlines and then color  the artwork. For digital collage, I source images from my phone camera roll and stock images. When  it comes to watercolor and acrylic painting, I draw from a photo I had taken in Life. My physical collage work uses old magazines and manila papers. Depending on motivation and priority, a piece  of work can take a day or three and its done, and sometimes it stays for weeks. It all depends on  motivation and priority

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